Going Abroad Mentoring

Discover, find, and get work you love: 6 individual sessions with one of our WYW Mentors focused on achieving your goals

What is this course about?

Wanting to move abroad and looking for guidance to identify suitable opportunities or structure your job search?

Why you should do it?

Moving abroad offers a high potential for professional advancement and the promise of a new adventure – often with new or improved language skills. However, each market is different and navigating the best approach to identify and approaching companies in unfamiliar territory can be overwhelming. Our Going Abroad package is designed to help you guide you through this process and provide you with tricks and tools to identify opportunities suited to your interests.

What will you get?

3hrs of 1:1 with one of our WYW mentors - this could look like this (you will tailor it to your needs with your WYW mentor)

  • 30min: Understand your background, current job situation, future objectives and what kinds of jobs/sectors you are interested in exploring
  • 2* 60min: Together with your mentor, define opportunities and concrete actions to advance your move - between sessions you follow through with your agreed upon actions
  • 30min: In a final session, you conclude your career advancement planning together with your mentor

All session will require from you a structured preparation and will result in action items for you to follow up with. Together with your mentor you can adjust the length and timings of the sessions to best meet your needs.

How does it work?

  • As soon as you sign up, your WYW mentor will contact you to schedule the first 30min session, which will be a skype call
  • During this session, you will then define the exact timing and length of the other sessions to best fit your situation and goals. This is a 100% personalized program, tailor-made for your individual needs

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Work You Want so unique for me?
Unlike other programs we make sure your vision is your starting point, not the end. You get help all the way: Our unique program has been tested by over 200+ alumni, who like you were seeking to discover the path to their dream job. In addition, we’ve condensed insights from top-selling authors and bloggers all in one place – so with WYW you access a program with a proven track-record of achieving success as a result of its clear structure, unparalleled resources and inspirational elements, and you also gain insights to the best independent materials on the market all in one place! Get independent advice: You will get unfiltered, independent advice from our mentors. We ensure our mentors aren’t “only” coaching professionals. Rather each of our mentors is a professional in their own right, able to understand your situation because they live the same challenges – like a coach on steroids. Money back guarantee: We are so confident you will succeed with WYW that we provide you with a full money-back guarantee should the program not meet your expectations. Now that is unique!
Does Work You Want cover job contracts, remuneration options, and taxes?
No. The focus of WYW is to help you understand what you want to do and then guide you to finding and getting your dream position. If you haven’t already completed this process, we believe starting from a basis of contractual topics misses the key questions that get you to the bright future you seek. Additionally, contract, remuneration and tax related questions are typically dependent on your specific context, e.g., country or region in which you are located.
Are there other options that help me to get work I want?
Absolutely. You could do a top-tier MBA and use this as your platform to change your career. That will easily cost you at least €100.000 and a minimum 12 months – not including the preparation. You could hire a top-tier coach. Coaches can be a helpful guide in self-exploration, which is why we include mentoring in parallel to the tutorials. The advantage to our mentor/tutorial model verses a classical coach is threefold. First, our mentors are trained in our unique methodology. The tutorials guide you through the key steps of discovering, finding and getting the work you want, providing you with a concrete structure. This structure is then supplemented by private sessions with your mentor to reinforce and personalize the methodology. Second, we exclusively work with mentors who are active professionals in their own right to ensure they are able to guide you from real world experience, whereas coaches tend to be fully dedicated to coaching with less capacity to bring in real-world insights. Third, price. Our program is significantly more reasonable than traditional coaching. You could approach a colleague to mentor you or ask your HR department. Before doing so, however, it is important to consider whether this could negatively impact your career. Working with current colleagues to help your “move on” to your next challenge carries inherent risks. Often it is difficult to receive independent advice under such circumstances. You could hire a headhunter because they have “jobs on offer” at any time. This can be a fast option, but the goal of a headhunter is to fill the positions they have, not focus on understanding your individual needs and searching for opportunities that match. Once you know clearly what you want, reaching out to headhunters to identify potential opportunities is appropriate, but it’s not the way to identify your dream job. You could try to do it on your own – investing significant time on how to do that and finding the right materials to guide you along the way. That’s what we did when we started to build this course and we can assure you it takes a LOT of time and effort. WYW is all about helping you get work you really want and our participants are focused on achieving a true understanding of what will make them happy and taking the necessary steps to get there. However, if you believe one of these other options works better for you, then we encourage you to do that.
Who are WYW mentors?
Our mentors aren’t “only” coaching professionals. Rather each of our mentors is a professional in their own right, able to understand your situation because they live the same challenges – we consider them like a coach on steroids. You are guaranteed to get unfiltered, independent advice and a tailored approach.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, contact us within the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
Who is teachable.com?
Teachable.com is a platform provider for online tutorials. We run all our online tutorials through this platform to provide you with easy access to the materials and secured payment systems.

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